Tax Cuts & Jobs Act benefits employees at Shelton’s Farm Market

NILES — If Shelton’s Farm Market doles out bonuses for their employees, it is typically during the holiday season. But this year, employees got a surprise at the beginning of the year when they received bonuses resulting from a profitable 2017 year and economic optimism spurred by the federal tax reform.

Joe Shelton, one of the business’ partners, said the market just wanted to share the wealth.

“We just feel that there is a sense of underlying optimism in the economy and we share in that and we want our crew to have that same feeling,” Joe said. “And we want to reward them for past efforts, so we thought a bonus based upon their longevity and loyalty with the company would be a good way to express that.”

Bonuses were based on longevity of the market’s roughly 80 employees. Full-time employees received about $50 for each year that they have worked for the market, with the highest payout being a 40-year employee who received $2,000. Average payout for full-time employees was in excess of $500. Part-time workers also got some extra cash. Those who had worked for the market for six months received $50, while employees who had been there less time got a $25 bonus.

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