Leader on Healthcare


Fred Upton has always worked across the aisle to bring innovative solutions to healthcare.

Fred Upton’s top priority remains lowering costs, increasing choice, and improving care for everyone in Southwest Michigan.

Fred Upton’s 21st Century Cures Act was signed into law in 2016.

21st Century Cures is an innovative, bipartisan approach to modernizing our healthcare system that:

  • Increased much-needed health research funding for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to help find cures for diseases that impact every family.
  • Boosted funding for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to help safely speed the approvals of groundbreaking drugs and medical devices.
  • Created new grants for states, like Michigan, to help prevent and treat opioid addiction at the local level.
  • Modernized our mental health system and funded new approaches to mental health care.


Fred Upton believes that no one should stand between you and your doctor.

Fred Upton knows the last thing we need is top-down, one-size fits all government run healthcare.

Fred Upton’s positive, bipartisan work on healthcare includes:

  • Promoting life-saving medical cures
  • Protecting those with pre-existing conditions
  • Supporting children’s healthcare
  • Combating opioid addiction
  • Saving Medicare
  • Modernizing mental health care
  • And more
Upton for All of Us